A few people simply don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage a meeting card after they get it. Hence, it generally gets thrown some place and is then expeditiously disregarded. The card is left lying around until the time you need it most, yet it is lost on the whole the messiness by at that point.

In the event that you wish to stay away from the above circumstance, you need to discover a spot to keep every one of your cards. Having a decent spot to store the meeting cards you get makes it simple for you to discover them later on. Here are six methods for putting away your meeting cards, with the favorable circumstances and burdens of each.


Putting the meeting cards in your wallet is just an impermanent arrangement. A meeting card holder works better and ensures every one of your cards are in one spot.

Visiting card holders are for individuals with a set number of contacts. It’s likewise effectively versatile, so you can bring along the holder to gatherings, workshops, and meetings. It additionally requires some investment to do of the six methods. Individuals in a rush will for the most part follow this strategy. New companies should attempt this.

As the cards increment, this framework gets more troublesome. You need to purge out the whole stack just to discover one card. You likely need to purchase another holder for the leftover cards or by then, things simply get excessively disordered. You should throw out the undesirable cards occasionally to hold the thing back from flooding. Ultimately, you’ll need something more fit, similar to a Rolodex.


The Rolodex time might be finishing, yet they are as yet an extraordinary device for putting away your meeting cards. It is not difficult to utilize, makes cards easier to discover, and you can add and eliminate cards to the Rolodex effortlessly. You can likewise store significantly more cards on a Rolodex than on a card holder.

One principle disservice of Rolodexes is that they will stay at your work area and are somewhat harder to haul around than a holder. You actually need to flip through the Rolodex a piece to discover your card, despite the fact that it’s not as troublesome likewise with the holder. In the event that you need to be significantly more coordinated, attempt a meeting card book.


Books or folios are likewise a famous alternative for putting away visiting cards. Get an unmistakable sort so you can see the cards from the two sides without taking them out. A few books even have alphabetised tabs on them to make it simple to discover cards.

Putting together them in sequential request takes some time, yet whenever you’ve done that, the administration is fairly straightforward. You can likewise carry the book with you to gatherings. Make certain to toss out the old cards and copies. Additionally a few letter sets have more first name choices than others. Guarantee satisfactory space for such letter sets.

Those were the actual alternatives. Obviously, we can’t overlook the electronic methods for visiting card stockpiling.

Accounting page

Something straightforward you can do is type the subtleties from the card and enter them on your PC. Projects like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets function admirably for this and help keep everything recorded. Simply make separate sections for name, organization, telephone number, email, and address. By adding channels, you can without much of a stretch sort in order by name or organization. This likewise makes contact subtleties simple to discover.

One issue with this is that it strips the feel of the card, in addition to you need to really type the subtleties. In spite of the fact that entering data from one card takes under two minutes, the cycle can get dreary if the cards heap up and it will be tedious. You likewise need to save the subtleties in Excel, however Sheets naturally do this.

Another issue is that the rundown will continue developing bigger and bigger, making things harder to discover initially. Certain missteps or old subtleties will proceed to remain and this may create turmoil later. What was simpler to discover from the start could get harder going ahead.

Similar as card holders, this technique works incredible from the start yet gets hard to oversee as time wears on. You ought to likewise ensure that substance isn’t coincidentally erased. Attempt to have a reinforcement in the event that this occurs.


Another choice is to examine the meeting cards and save or transfer the photos to your PC. The filtered pictures can be renamed and coordinated on your PC with organizers.

You presently have a computerized contact list that you can transfer to your CRMs. You can likewise utilize them in messages. Having a duplicate of cards online consistently causes should something happen to the actual ones. Even better, store them straightforwardly on the Cloud for access whenever.

You need a meeting card scanner for this, and it wouldn’t bode well to buy a scanner except if you have an enormous volume of cards to filter. It additionally takes more time to filter a meeting card with different sides rather than one. Double the sides, twofold the time.


Cell phones and tablets have applications for pretty much anything these days. This will work obviously superior to snapping a photo of your meeting card and saving it to your telephone. Digitizing your business cards will make them simple to sort and discover. Evernote and CamCard are two such applications.

The Evernote application allows you to filter your meeting card and enter all the insights concerning it. You can even add notes and plans for the day. Some applications permit you to connection to your Facebook or LinkedIn record to draw more insights concerning the organization from those sites. You can likewise synchronize refreshes, so the card will seem the equivalent all over.

You should understand that neither Cloud nor actual capacity is the best arrangement. In that capacity, don’t quickly toss out the cards whenever you have saved them on the web. It is ideal to have a physical and electronic variant of your significant contacts. Stay coordinated and cutting-edge. ‘A spot for everything and everything in its place’, as the adage goes.

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