Unmistakably noticeable on Suzhou’s horizon and with a background marked by 2,500 years, Tiger Hill is a shocking visual and social image of Suzhou. One of Suzhou’s old artists once said that to visit Suzhou and not see Tiger Hill would prompt a day to day existence season of disappointment. The writer talked genuinely and in the event that you travel to Suzhou, an excursion there is an absolute necessity.


The historical backdrop of the slope can be followed back to more than 2,500 years when King He Lu was covered on the slope in 496BC. As per legends, three days after the King’s memorial service a white tiger sat on the grave as though guarding it. Starting there on the slope was known as Tiger Hill.

The Tiger Hill Pagoda (likewise called Yunyansi Pagoda) on the culmination of the slope is the image of Suzhou and was worked somewhere in the range of 959 and 961.

Grounds and spread out

The real slope is 36 meters in tallness and covers a territory of more than 14,000 square meters. The slope is encircled by a channel with spans crossing the trench at the northern and southern ways out. The slope is covered by countless recorded locales that you can see as you move past that certain point and meander around it.

Generally 50% of the genuine region of the site are the grounds encompassing the slope and incorporates the trench, rivulets, lakes, gardens, little backwoods and bamboo forests suggestive of the scenes in the faction Chinese film “Place of Flying Daggers”.

Numerous local people visit Tiger Hill toward the beginning of the day and can be seeing working out, rehearsing Taichi, strolling, talking and having a ball. I’ve recorded underneath a portion of the features of Tiger Hill.

Tiger Hill Pagoda – Also called Yunyansi Pagoda is the critical construction on Tiger Hill and is made with blocks, has 8 sides, 7 stories, a stature is 47.7 meters and weighs around 6000 tons. The pagoda has a slight lean with a point of 3,59 that is noticeable in photographs.

Vacationers are not permitted to climb Tiger Hill Pagoda. Regularly I’d locate that a touch of disillusioning yet I’m glad not to climb 1,000 year old pagoda with a stature of 48 meters that seems as though it is going to fall over.

Blade Pond – King He Lu was proficient hero and a sword nut and is said to have had an assortment of more than 3000 uncommon swords. After his demise, these swords were covered at the lower part of Sword Pond at the base of Tiger Hill Pagoda. Sword Pond has not been unearthed to look for these unbelievable blades on the grounds that the base of the pagoda lays on the establishments of the lake.

Wanjing Villa

The estate is a nursery of pot plants and Bonzai bushes/trees covering a region of around 1,700 square meters. Suzhou is acclaimed for its exemplary Bonzai trees which are planned to make pictures of mountain and backwoods scenes. The grounds-keepers are profoundly regarded for their ability and authority in the development of Bonzai plants that has been ignored down the ages. In the event that you are a grounds-keeper you will adore the Wanjing Villa.

Thousand People Rock – After King He Lu’s burial place was assembled the 1000 laborers who constructed it were murdered. Their blood is said to have stained an exceptionally enormous stone that is currently called 1,000 individuals rock.

Sun Tzu Pavilion – You have presumably known about Sun Tzu’s craft of war. This structure is devoted to a similar Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu was a tactician and General in the Wu King Helu’s military during the ascent of the Wu Kingdom. The structure is a huge open region lined by trees and a few little pagodas. I appreciated breakfast here while watching the neighborhood women rehearses their blade Tai Chi.


Tiger Hill is situated toward the north west of Suzhou city and is around a 15 brief transport or taxi ride. The transports to catch to Tiger Hill are traveler transports 1 and 2 and public transports 8 and 949.

Tickets and times

Ticket costs are 60rmb per individual and the initial occasions for the primary region of Tiger Hill is from 7:30 to 5:30. The Wanjing Pavilion is open from 8:00 to 5:00.

Tiger Hill is enormous and has many intriguing destinations to see so I suggest you put aside at any rate a large portion of a day to appropriately appreciate it. Morning is a decent an ideal opportunity to go in light of the fact that local people are out and having a good time as of now and there are less visit gatherings.

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